Map: 3 Generations of Towne Family

This map, created for the Towne Family Association’s reunion in Topsfield/Danvers in July 2022, is meant to illustrate how far and wide the Towne Family spread from Salem/Topsfield in only three generations. It includes William and Joanna who arrived in Salem c. 1635, all of their children – including Rebecca Nurse, Mary Easty, and Sarah Cloyce who were accused of witchcraft during the 1692 Salem Village Witch-Hunt – and also William and Joanna’s grandchildren. Only those individuals who had offspring are included in this map, since the aim is to show how later generations moved and spread out.

For many individuals, only their town of residence is listed. For others, more specific locations are given. If the icon is a question mark icon, it means the marker is only meant to show the town. If the marker if a house icon, it is meant to show the approximate area of their farm within the town. If the marker is a star icon, that indicates where they are buried (or believed to be buried).

Various sources are cited on the individual markers, the prime one being Lois Payne Hoover’s Towne Family.

Press the button with a square in the top-right corner of the map to make it full screen. In this view, there several “layers” that can be selected on the sidebar. Each layer shows a different sibling’s branch of the Towne Family. The top layer includes sites related to the 1692 Salem Village Witch-Hunt.

(If using mobile phone, click on the marker’s title for much more info)