Research Featured in Danvers Magazine

My research into the memorialization of victims of the 1692 Salem Village Witch-Hunt was featured in the Fall edition of Danvers Magazine, which is published quarterly by the Salem News. See the story below:



4 thoughts on “Research Featured in Danvers Magazine

  1. John Putnam

    Awesome job, Dan. Tnx for sharing this article. Always interested in anything Salem Village and witchcraft. Although I am one of the Putnam descendants, Rebecca Nurse is a distant grandmother through my mother’s side later.

    Any chance I could get a copy of the article once it is published in the NEHJ? Sounds like that might be a good source for me to check out other articles as well. I am 12th generation New Englander with very few outside New England ancestors during that time.


    1. Dan Gagnon

      Happy you liked it! Yes, I’d be happy to. It won’t come out until October, after which point I will either post it on the blog, or depending on permission/publication rules, I’ll write back and get your email so I can send you a PDF copy directly.


      1. Dan Gagnon

        John, if you were still interested my journal article on memorialization of victims of the 1692 Witch-Hunt is finally in print. I posted a PDF of it at the top of the blog.


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